About Me?

Greetings, I dj and I direct. I went to school for Radio, Television and Internet Broadcasting, hence the name Dj Direkk.

I am a follower of the Hip-Hop Culture and one of our traditions as visual artists and audio poets is to spell our written word different from the “normal” ways to accentuate phonetics. 

Understand that when I say “Hip-Hop” I don’t mean what one may hear on the airwaves, in the club or in commercials. I am talking 💯% Authentic, 5-Elemental, Pure HIP-HOP!! Rap is a multi-billion dollar industry, Hip-Hop is a multi-billion scholar entity. Ya feel me? It is the same with the Film Industry, you have Entertainment and you have Art-sometimes it’s both-like with Kendrick Lamar.

If you want to Rap, we can get you a “job” but Hip-Hop is a “career” the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Such as “giving back” to the community-like with Common’s Common Ground Foundation.

For more information you can log on to The Nepalm Network and continue to follow each post and the links provided for your edutainment. First, start with the  let’s start with


Unlimited Potential Productions



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