Hello world!

Greetings this is your friendly neighborhood dj here with something new to view, a fresh and reflective perspective-ya digg?logo


2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

    1. Hello world!!

      This “wordpress project” combines what I have learned in the streets with a Media Broadcasting background and a songwriting profession with an unhealthy obsession for popular music videos. Within it, I attempt to come up with a new compositional songwriting method which takes my personal experiences, popular music, fans, and critics’ opinions into account.

      I also figure, by utilizing the website to statisically analyze the content of several thousand videos and reviews from the WGAR Channel (www.youtube.com/djdirekk), I generated a set of organizational guidelines based on the musical preferences expressed by the critics. I then use those guidelines to teach others how to write and record original songs, discussing in detail (sometimes in the song itself-lol) the relationships between the songs and the data that I have collected.

      I have a new band called for20, for which I write songs and produce as “Bryanestormm”. I am the founder of and working currently as a data engineer at The Nepalm Network. I am also building this “@djdirekk” brand, so stay tuned!!

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