Think and Grow Rich

The Nepalm Network has a newly re-ignited campaign and the website is featuring a Press Release and subsequent information on booking Mr. Nepalm for Speaking Engagements. All of the other information that was available through the navigation of the site has been “hidden” so that only the current information is available on the site.

It maybe a good thing (to a certain extent) because it may have been too much for one to process at one time. There was the Mission Statement, Executive Summary, a digital copy of the original “NEPALM N.E.W.S.”, the complete lyrics to the theme song, and much more! It is still available for those interested in more information, but only to those “In the Network”.
This decision presented a challenge for the team, but it is through these challenges that we grow in strength and learn more about ourselves as we teach others how to succeed – Navigating Our World.



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