I AM A TrailBlazer!!

“Don’t You Want to Be A TrailBlazer?”


C. Jason Thomas,

(also know as “Cornell.South” aka “The Insomniac Scholar” and “Mr. Nepalm”) is the founder of T. N. N.

The N.E.P.A.L.M. is a National Edutainment Program Aimed at Leadership & Motivation. The acronym also stands for Natural Elements Producing Actual Leaders and Motivators.

As a trained journalist, media specialist, and communications scholar he has been preparing “the Nepalm” for this war he is waging against what has been diagnosed “Killer Illiteracy”.

This sense of urgency & responsibility to his community was birthed and refined during his years as a Paraprofessional with the Bibb County Board of Education, where he began as a Substitute School Teacher.

While working with the students at various schools around his hometown, he noticed that there were more children being “left behind” during the “No Child Left Behind” campaign than before.

It was during that time that he met Motivational Speaker Keith L. Brown who inspired him to roll up his sleeves and get involved.

The two originally met back in ’07 at Bruce Elementary in Macon, GA. where he was the I.S.S. Instructor at the time, they spoke before and after Mr. Brown’s presentation to the students.

His speech got Mr. South motivated to do what he could to help the students get them prepared for testing. This meant that every student that came into I.S.S. was given pre-test for the CRTC, and he would work with them on the parts that they were having trouble with until they understood the process behind standardized testing.

The students did very well that year, and a lot of it had to do with the preparation techniques Mr. South employed.

It has been said that we are only as strong as our weakest link; and by strengthening the test taking skills of the students who were not able to benefit from regular classroom instruction, the “weakest” links were given strength which in turn helps the whole have a better overall testing percentage.

With the success of this theory, Mr. South continued his work on “the Nepalm”. Since then he has been developing a network to assist others in achieving their goals through music and the arts with The N.E.P.A.L.M. Network.

For more information, contact:

C. Jason Thomas


Sponsored by:
The N.O.W. Foundation


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